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Jesus Christ - IS - The Word of Life - and - We - Are All Ministers in His Ministry " Jesus Christ The Lord " is the owner of this site, all rights belong to Him,

© Copyright 2000/2003   /  The Word of Life Ministry  /  All rights Reserved
We are all obligated as ministers of His Word.
Psalm 28 - 1 Peter 4:11

Always: Be confident of this very thing, that he which has begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:

Philippians 1:6

Web Site Disclosure

Many who are unknowingly deceived, have eagerly and carelessly rendered their guffaws at this web site. This fact has caused some difficulty in designing a web site which is approved in the site of God. Their is a present need for the viewer to be reminded that he should not be too quick to judge quality. Most Recently, it has come to the attention of The Word of Life Ministry, through Divine Intervention, all aspects of Human life have been filtered through The Hand of God, and are purposefully intended to be harnessed by The Power of God, as well as, to always perpetuate the need of every Human Being to desire a personal walk with God. You must, at this point, admit that The Holy Bible is not a simple book, yet it is not a complex book. It is exactly what is needed and intended for each reader, teacher, student, even hypocrites and thieves. Some have missed the importance of the following verses in scripture:

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction,
for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.
2 Timothy 3:16-17   (KJV)

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
2 Timothy 2:15   (KJV)

The point is:
It should be understood that this web site possesses a similar characteristic or principle which can be found in The Holy Bible. It is very easy to get lost and lose your way. It is very easy to misunderstand the progression of words and thought patterns. Of course, at any given time, there is an easy way to find your place, but many will throw up their hands and scratch their heads in frustration, not realizing they were standing at the threshold of a breakthrough.

Hopefully it will be understood that a simple web site is not what is purposed. This site is exactly what it is meant to be. Thirst and Hunger is generated only in those who have been designed to have the capacity to appreciate the true rewards of a full rich life.

Each verse in The Word of God leads you to another, just as His Word states: Many are not surprised by what their searches yield!
For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:

Isaiah 28:10

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