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A Heart Content

Should I be granted just one dream,
I sure would like to make You smile;
with the hope you would be inspired,
You'd want to walk the extra mile.

I would be so very happy,
to know how pleased you are;
that your whole life has been changed,
with new vigor to go that far;

to even search for another Soul,
that you also could reach out to;
extend them as well a blessing,
that they would know The True Life too!

I know that Our Lord is willing,
to provide You comfort on this day;
so Look Up and Listen closely,
you might hear what He has to say;

" My Child Your Wish has been Granted,
I know what is Your heart's intent;
Share My Love with All You meet,
for it will insure All to be content ! "

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30/11/04 #7004 2510 0000 3831 4569
29/11/2004 #7004 2510 0000 3831 3302

10/11/04 #7003 3110 0001 2547 2372
8/11/2004 743691-0024-103350

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I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart. therefore I know
my righteousness shall go before me; the glory of the LORD shall be my rereward.
Psalm 40:8; Isaiah 58:8