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It Won't Be Christmas

It used to be the best of times, we looked forward as it drew near;
Yet now with the thought of it coming, It won't be Christmas this year.

Putting up the tree is not the same, as we hang up every single light;
With all the memories even this brings, we already know Christmas won't be right.

The presents pretty as they are, wrapped up nice and ready for the giving;
But even with all the paper and bows, it won't be Christmas for us that are living.

The thrill of this wonderful season, everyone loves it in their own way;
With searching for gifts and the time counting down, we still know it won't be Christmas that day.

Opening the gifts is such a special thing, tearing the paper to see what we might get;
But without someone you love to share the time, it won't be Christmas yet.

For all our thoughts are of you, you are what fills most of our mind;
So no matter how everything may be, it just won't be Christmas this time.

If we can meet again in Heaven, a place of glory and splendor to see;
You can be one of God's gifts, then it will be Christmas for me.

In memory of those we've lost, by Keith