He wrote the book to which he also gave life,
So that when it is spoken, His words calm all strife;
While the reader may not of the means be aware,
the message that some receive, does seem not to spare;
For within each of His words the meaning does stay,
Now to be delivered to him, he who hears Him To Day;
But what he just heard, is it what He has said,
Or maybe some hidden message, within what has been read;
Every time I read the words of this one certain book,
I find myself stopping, to take a much deeper look;
Because while reading those words I receive a special thought,
That could have been planned, even for my own ears wrought;
Knowing that the time would come for me to be so brave,
As to express to another, the message to me He did wave;
To speak these words even though some might not believe,
How He to us reveals His love, for so many He does grieve;
Because through all the years the truth’s been in plain sight,
For so many of His creation, they walk as if in the night;
Not even allowing themselves the time to maybe accept,
Their own minds are too feeble, at proper conclusions not adept;
So now take a moment of time to entertain this simple notion,
Because even within this idea, you’ll see some of His devotion;
How by His unexplainable love He has so very well explained,
To those who are listening, are those He has trained;
For them to be able to glean from His Own Word The Truth,
Knowing in Him they can trust, because He is not a sleuth;
But He is faithfully bound by His word to us to be true,
The message in His word, is poured out as if it were glue;
While not only in each word might you this truth then find,
But as well, intermingled, you will see His Own mind;
As He has just for you intended a phrase here and right there,
Because His Love for His children, promised He'd never spare;
But then only His children would allow themselves to admit,
How from His very Own word, He did not His code omit;
So when He did knowledge increase many more would receive,
The Truth that has been there, even this The Truth I believe;
How when to another I read His word He does save,
One man here does listen, and the other enters the grave;
Or from that very same passage two tell me their view,
While both have different outlooks, both because of Him grew;
But there will still then be some who do show no affect,
As if maybe to imply, the idea has a defect;
Now it is not by my will, nor is it by my very own might,
But it is only by His Spirit, which delivers from the night;
So that an indwelling code could be there put in place,
And is the determining factor,
as eyes and ears are quickened for the race;
And if this then could be true, could there not also be a way,
When you speak as a friend, to another it could be To Day;
As He said to the law and the prophets they wouldn’t listen,
Should one rise from the dead, His words wouldn’t even glisten;
As they shined well The Truth to them were even not aware;
That they would heed the warning, to the outcome then beware;
Because their words seemed out of order, spoken without care,
what they thought should be said, words weren’t even there;
He told us consider not the proper words we might seek,
Of what we should then say, when we are commanded to speak;
For He will give us a mouth and the words to then say,
As His plans for them also, will be fulfilled To Day;
But how could there be in the simple words you spoke,
The message they needed to hear, one that you did invoke;
Because your trust was in Him and He knew in your heart,
You had placed Him in control, so others might have a new start;
So now when you again are then requested to speak,
Trust in the Lord, He IS The ONE to seek;
To provide within your words His own extra-special code,
One for that person He intended, to take the right road;
No longer saying in his heart it was only his flesh talking,
Rather he now gives Him the right, to do all his future walking;
And with a mouth words are then spoken to those he does meet,
while within the special code itself, the hearers they did intreet;
So that wherever He leads he will faithfully follow,
Knowing He it is Who is that, holds him in
His Own palm’s hollow.

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I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart. therefore I know
my righteousness shall go before me; the glory of the LORD shall be my rereward.
Psalm 40:8; Isaiah 58:8