The time they long waited for, came on a cold Winter's day;
Their planning had begun, about two months till May;
Now each of the twosome, they both had well known;
Your plans for their future, to them You had shown;
That Love would always be, the absolute best Gift;
As You are The Only One, Who can so easily lift;
Anyone's eyes to the hope, of Your preconceived plan;
Even a long time before, their own marriage plan;
I'm so pleased to know, I even want to shout;
She was not wearing the sign, that read:

It was just a few moments, after half past high noon;
when there in the snow bank, not too late or too soon;
One more gift You delivered, one similar to the other three;
To be a new page in Your Book, and another leaf on Your Tree;
Now the years they would pass, with much instruction indeed;
With all hope placed in trust, instead of my simple greed;
To know that life has been granted, with the freedom to choose;
So now clear is the picture, of The Abundance I could lose;
I would be a long time blinded, and wouldn't even know about;
The sign I would be wearing, would read:

Now, Youth seems the best time, for anyone to open their door;
As they welcome their Host, for Him to strengthen their floor;
Supporting the many examples, opportunities heavy in weight;
While being Light as a feather, I should have gone straight!
Yet through all my yearning, for the ability to know;
Of how I could meet You, and then with You grow;
I remained completely unaware, of Your Promise all the time;
Your Goodness and Mercy, patiently tolerating my crime;
While You knew of the moment, at the end of the final bout;
I'd open the door next to the sign, which reads:

How should I then see, from the beginning to end;
To finally accomplish this life, one that would not offend;
With my eyes so wide open, and being well able to see;
All those tidbits and morsels, that You've intended for me;
So no more do I imagine, in those moments I'd fail;
Rather like a bold banner, with enthusiasm will them hail;
As I continue the work, of the assignment to me given;
With stamina and much patience, I will be so driven;
While knowing never again, will there be any to shout;
Look at The Sign He's wearing! which reads:

I know now my life, is not only precious to me;
His gold nuggets of effort; are all then presented to be;
Exactly that I do need, to be able to look back upon;
'Cause deep in my heart, The Day Star did dawn;
And He opened wide a realm, never again to be closed in;
Continually revealing The Truth, that was all the while within;
So while I work in the open, or a place that's out of view;
Even in those private areas, that I reveal to only a few;
Never again will I be led down, the path of the wrong route;
Like the one before with the sign, which read:

What should I continue to do, to insure my door remains open;
That no more through struggles, I'll find myself a gropin';
For the assurance and peace, even understanding His Way;
That to me will be given, and purposed to stay;
No matter how the picture, to another might appear;
Love does remain the key, to them who've found dear;
Special moments of wisdom, in everyone of our lives;
Praying for all in agreement, and that everyone strives;
To be supportive of another, so birthing the necessary clout;
For them to take down their own sign, which reads:

The years have now passed, and my own life is no more;
Many will see by the picture, what He had for me in store;
For the life I did live, was one with a reason;
As it had the right climax, in it's own special season;
My door had been opened, by His Love on the inside;
And remained continually open, for I was indeed His bride;
No more needed a play house, or even a private retreat;
Because only in His Presence, could my life have been sweet;
So hesitate not - are my words, I tell you with no doubt;
It's best - you take down the sign, which reads:

Many mistakes I did make, and people I did offend;
While on my being self righteous, I really could not depend;
Because there is Only One, Who can see what's within;
All your pride and your shame, even every secret sin;
All men have their battles, and in war they all must fight;
Keeping their own eyes on Jesus, Always keeping Him in sight;
Knowing once He has started, He promises He will not quit;
As He will clothe you in Armor, that will have a perfect fit;
Open Wide Your Heart's Door, Right Now - Let it swing out;
And Take Down The Bold Sign, which reads:

Consider all the loneliness, in your own private domain;
After everyone has gone, and only you there remain;
When the value of your privacy, suddenly takes a deep plunge;
But your desire for another, seems like a huge sponge;
As the advice from a stranger, may seem to be out of place;
But listen to Him closely, He Will strengthen your pace;
While knowing that your own life, is no longer truly yours;
Open your eyes to the beauty, The Life with the highest scores;
He endured indeed so much suffering, He didn't once shout;
How dare they bare the sign, which reads:

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Does Your heart shout ?

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I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart. therefore I know
my righteousness shall go before me; the glory of the LORD shall be my rereward.
Psalm 40:8; Isaiah 58:8