~ Should I Call You, Sir ~

I’d Like to Give You My Respect

On Only You I Can Depend

Should I address You then as Sir

Or would you rather I Be Your Friend?

To know that I can look at You

Without a doubt that You will hear

There is no need to wonder then

Are You One to Respect or Fear?

When Your Own Love is in my heart

And Your Truth Refreshes my Soul

My ears do hear The Word You Speak

While my mouth accomplished Your Goal!

So trust insures that I will find

That I will know You Are For Sure

The One Who Knows what’s in my heart

You Alone Have Made Me Secure!

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I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart. therefore I know
my righteousness shall go before me; the glory of the LORD shall be my rereward.
Psalm 40:8; Isaiah 58:8