It was then while I was standing there
that I began to see The Truth,
Beauty and Wisdom that seemed so pure

and before my eyes the proof!
So a little closer I did look,

and it was then that by me was seen,
The Truth that was now available,

and was so easy for me to glean.
Painstaking care that He did take,

was now so very clear;
in each and every branch he taught,

each one without a fear.
his place and depth - such a simple sight,
brought me new meaning with awesome might.
It no longer appeared to me - as just an ugly ole tree,
But a work of art that had been grown, oh so skillfully!
Though many stopped not to consider, it's value to each and every bidder.
Hidden beauty versus an appearance of shame,
So now who's responsible and who's to blame
The time it took and the many years of pain,
The Truth standing there! well nurtured by The Rain!
A closer look at that very same tree,
were delivered such pure truths - and revealed to me.
Not many many men have endured such loving hands,
all the pruning, and the discipline -

See! There He Stands!
Straight and tall -No - Gracefully Low,
But full of strength - and - He'll continue to grow!
Oh, You say it's just an ugly ole tree,
I'll tell You this - It's a work of art to me!
I feel the pruning hook, a cuttin' away,
Somethin' new - but there meant not to stay;
Here a piece, there a piece, and off by the shears;
So many truths, and yet so plain to my ears;
while enduring the battle -

and strugglin' with the pain,
rather sit back and enjoy, for then will You gain;
a much better understanding,

even much wisdom indeed;
from He who's in Pure White,

and mounted on a White Steed!
So now it's not just an ugly ole tree,
It's a man, and it could even be You or me!
What a precious example for such a worthy price,
with tender loving care - He'll continue to entice,
Let His Grace and His Mercy - that is in His Hands,
mould You and shape You - even - all of you lands;
For once He has started - Then - will He alone finish;
A Work of Art - He as well,  will not diminish!
A mighty Oak it is not, not even a victorious Palm,
not a sad or Weeping Willow,

not even a Box Elder who is calm,
nor a majestic Pine or Cedar -

nor any other of every nation,
do reveal Oh, such glory, of God's very Own creation!
I believe that I will never again see,
such a sight - prettier - than this very same tree,
Because now that I've seen and know this for sure,
no crafty invention or cunning device will, he me lure!
For a Vision of such Beauty, so strong and so bold,
and so many truths have to me there been told,
He Is so much older and now not just You or me,
Surely so much Wiser - Now Listen - It must be He!
Now the question is: Where have You been planted?
and how do you look? and now appear to be?
Are You Standing by The Precious Corner Stone?
or all Alone and Majestic -

just for the whole world to see?
So To Day have You been planted

in The Garden of God?
Are You Standing by The Precious Corner Stone,
even by The Only Blooming Rod?
What You now truly are

and what all men will one day see,
Even a Bonsai, that You too, could eventually be!

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Even You Could Be .......

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I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart. therefore I know
my righteousness shall go before me; the glory of the LORD shall be my rereward.
Psalm 40:8; Isaiah 58:8