An Undisclosed Mold

What a shame it truly is,
that so many of the chosen,
don't use the gift they have received,
because the fear of failure has them frozen;

or to refuse The One Who granted,
the power within them to make,
an effort to reveal Your Gift,
that would even the whole world shake.

For once it has been tasted,
revealing Your Glory to us all,
it would have been a terrible shame,
to have hidden Your Special Call.

There appears to be a mold,
for every thing in life,
man's wisdom has refined this art,
and now causes so much strife.

Let there be just one Leader,
who will bring about the change,
to Teach the young to hear their heart,
and know God is within range!

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I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart. therefore I know
my righteousness shall go before me; the glory of the LORD shall be my rereward.
Psalm 40:8; Isaiah 58:8