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With the wings of an eagle, in Your strength I will fly,

knowing that what is seen by my very own eye;

is purposed to be just this simple test,

Do I trust in myself or do I in Your Power rest?

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In my grasp I know that You Alone place,

the mountains and the valleys that I must face;

So over them all I will continue to soar,

Even while the evil one below me does roar!

The Greatest Thing I ever did is:
To Accept Jesus Christ as My Lord and Savior !
About The Author

I may not be a well educated man, or one of worldly knowledge; but I am one with enough common sense to know that every thing that I have ever attempted, has fallen into ruin at some point.  Once I finally began to see that I was not the master of the ship of my life, I realized what the source of all true knowledge is. I fell across The Altar at the foot of The Cross, I accepted His Hand in a proposal; I knew I could not refuse, and entered a life style that no man would ever be able to destroy. This marriage that I have entered into is for life eternal, and necessity is laid upon me to reveal to you what He can do through mortal man if we allow Him to work in us. What ever becomes of this web site is Only because of His Grace and Mercy He has bestowed on me.

There are thousands upon thousands of web sites that are presently available for viewing throughout the world.   The volumes of written works probably number more than can be numbered.  The world is filled with avenues to be traveled for a few moments time just trying to hold an individual on a steady course of interest.  Some have achieved this goal and some have not.  So why should you take a few moments of your time to see what is behind each door on this web site, that you might choose to pass through?   The answer is quite simple. For all things are for your sakes, that the abundant grace might through the thanksgiving of many redound to the glory of God. For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day.    2 Corinthians 4:15-16  (KJV)  The picture you have seen is the only one I prefer to be available for viewing, because in The Lord's eyes, this is how I appear.   This also is how you should know me, even though I am, as it is written: I am perishing on the outside while on the inside He is renewing me.  I desire to be known, as how was known of Him, the first day I came to know my Lord and Savior. This is my opportunity to try to make a statement, one that comes from my heart, but is delivered to you straight from the throne of God.   I am being strongly pressed by The Lord to tell my story before it is too late.  Yes, there have been, there are, and there will be many more great men in this world.  Even ones that have not been esteemed for what they truly were.  It doesn't really matter what I was, or what I am, even what I will be one day.  All that matters is what I have done with The Son of God.   Have I truly believed Him and surrendered to Him? I know the only way what ever you hear here, will reach the depths of your soul is for the words to come not from me but the true source of all living things.

It would be a terrible thing for me to lie to You by telling You that I am something that I am not. I am just a simple man, I have not been saved by my works, rather, I am being saved by The Grace of God! Before I understood, Who, I AM, I had many aspirations, but now, there is only one priority in my life.  Whether I have only ten seconds before the final curtain, or yet a lifetime, the goal is the same.  Whether visual confirmation comes or my walk remains by faith, whether adversity slows my pace or The Wind is at my heels; my stamina will be maintained Only by He that has began The Good Work in me.  It was not until I was forty years old, that I finally understood that every thing I attempted in life, ended in failure. Then I realized only through The LORD would I be able to accomplish any thing!   My greatest fear is that I might restrain the hand of My LORD, but, His promise is that no one can stay The Arm of The LORD.  So I will continue to walk by faith, trusting in Him, because He knows those that trust In Him.  I will trust in Him Alone, and not try to use my own understanding, because when I acknowledge Him in what ever I am doing, He will direct My path!  Because He said He would place deep inside me certain desires, that He has full intention and ability to bring about the proper result; any fears that try to overcome me subside, and are replaced with true blessed assurance.   When I am weak, then am I strong; I can do all things through Christ Who is that strength in me; for as I walk with Him, humbly with Him, I will please Him, He has already calmed the seas, and He has touched those hearts that I am afraid that I might not give the time I should.  I do not ever want to be so sucessful, so admired by any, so caught up in the cares of this world, that I would not have the time to stop what I am doing and give a helping hand to one in need.   For Greater Love has no man than this: To set aside his own priorities, that another's needs might have precedence.  I shall never forget that Joy is: By The Spirit of The Lord: Jesus first, Others next, and You last.  He reminds me that The Joy of The Lord is my strength.  The saved souls of men are His Joy and so is that highest priority in my Life.  The Joy of The Lord, My Joy, My Strength, My Hope; is to reach out to Just One More Soul, and once done, Just One More Soul. For as I have freely received, so shall I Freely give!  Who Knows, trustingly I will have just reached out to The One on The Right Hand!  So I must set aside every burden and sin that so easily seems to entangle me and allow patience to be my guide on the course before me, as I keep my eyes on Jesus Who IS
The Author and Finisher of My faith!  I will not give any excuses, and I will not apologize in that, All I have come to know, IS JESUS, Who gave Himself for me!  The Only Answer in Life that I know IS JESUS!

An Available Vessel
Consider not my worthiness or any thing that I might have accomplished in this life.  The greatest thing I have ever done was to accept Jesus Christ as my own personal Savior, Lord, Master, and Best Friend.  There are many in this world throughout that I consider to be my superiors.   I personally am not the author of any greatness in my own life, but I am responsible for failures.  Should many men, women, and children view this web site, or only one; the mission remains the same. He has commanded me to share with the world what He means to me and what He wants to do through me.  You and I will not know what this is until it has been done.  You do have the same purpose, to allow Him to work through you!
At this moment, all I can think to say, is what I recall telling a young man that I saw transformed in an instant before my own eyes.  God turned this man from his sinful ways into a true man of God in a matter of seconds.  He came to me to find the answer for his own way to find the needed relief to his problems.   I simply told him that I did not have the answer.  The only thing I know is Jesus.  He is all that matters to me. With those words, he wanted to know my best friend like I did.  Welcome him into your heart To Day, and you too will understand.  
Jesus, Thank You, for this life You have blessed me with.  Please allow the person that is reading this, to come to know you in a more sincere way right now.  Speak now, Lord, to this heart that is reaching out to You. Only You can save! I know that it is Your will that the truth should be known, for The Father would not have drawn us to this place if it were not so.  Lord, I place all my trust in You right now that this web site You are creating will accomplish Your purposed mission.  Help us now, Lord, to see Your light that illuminates our path, to reveal to us the way that we might be Your lights in this world of wickedness.
Again, Thank You Lord, Your humble servant seeking Your will.

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