" To Day ", If You Will Hear His Voice,
Harden Not Your Heart!

" To Love With His Pure and Perfect Love "

Through The Plight of a Child


I truly want to understand The Truth within my soul,
There are so many that seem to lack what it takes to make them whole;
There appears indeed so many in this world throughout,
Who've lost life's true meaning and found no reason to shout;
Or found a time of rejoicing in such a simple way,
The difference - the strife - be they gone, It's Now a Brand New Day!

Only a few have seen - This Special Time, and Now there is a simple reason;
For You I have called into this place, so others might know this season;
In this world there have been many who walk with a different label;
So which of them have access and who's sitting at who's table?
Now to know which is which, and is he this or that?
It's not a man's outward appearance, for all have come from the same vat!

For of his inner condition, that's what indeed does matter;
as their understanding The Truth, That's what really makes men fatter!
It was then that came the Voice which has become so dear to me;
He uttered deep within my soul: " Listen to Me - and You'll see! ".
The Truth is revealed to many, but often he does escape;
But now even more to You it shall become as a tape,

For to many will be replayed this truth over and over again;
The words placed in their memory will have come through Your own pen!

Now You might think of this while the other says even that,
But what I now have purposed will truly make men fat!
It was then that His Precious Word became a Lamp unto my feet,
His Light shined ever so brightly, and His Way I surely did entreat.

He said:  " From their homes they did travel, to a place far away;
A foreign country - another world, as there They meant - not to stay!
There midst a multitude of people, as distracted there they were;
It took just a small moment for their future to be unsure!
The father - he was saddened, the mother - she was stunned;
their neighbors for their children, Then began to raise a fund.

To their rescue did come many who also shared in the grief;
All hoping for to help them, but to none came the needed relief.
There were four that were lost that day, while none could be found;
What had happened to their children? There came no answer sound!
Now two boys and two girls, quadruplets that they were;
No difference in each their value, as were many made insecure!

The years they did pass with no good rhyme or reason;
why this tragedy had unfolded, causing an entirely new season.
The heartbreaking pain existed because of those which were missing;
The children - they did remain lost, as did all the former kissing!
But then the day did finally come, when two - they would be saved;
While many rejoiced so happily, some wondered - how'd the road then be paved.

For the other two remained yet lost, even till this very same day;
Who would possibly ever know, The price they'd continue to pay!
Now, one of each has been found, while one of each remains lost;
But, Please, Don't still misfigure, what could be there individual cost!
As All men have been created in the image of Our God,
whether they are saved or they are lost, inside they shouldn't be considered odd!"

So my father and my mother, them I surely do love;
as well even my neighbor, is one of Him from above;
No difference then is he or she, We All should instinctively say;
Cause not for one but for all of us, He did the price surely pay!
Whether You know The Truth, and your neighbor might not;
To consider his value lesser, Should now even be forgot!

Every one has been born in their own particular condition,
Which was definitely not of their own choosing or volition!
and now because of the evil one, we experience separation,
let us all come together, and from him take a vacation!
We all were so once lost, because of our limited minds;
but we all should be members, and not of many different kinds!

Yes, even His body is made of so many different parts;
but each and all have a certain function, while having one or many arts.
Whether one has then been found, and takes his place in the body;
to say that - he still lost - belongs not, is just plain evil - even shoddy!

For now is the time that we should none of us forget,
His True Love and His Pure Heart belongs to those who let;

An attitude to then well up in side them so very deep,
that each and every man alive, is His Own Desire to Keep!
Regardless of your color, and opinions, faith or belief,
You are still my bother, and we both do share much grief!
Both assured that the day, it will come - we both know;
Let us Love with such Pure Love, as there IS a place we both must go!


Have You already realized that those lost were babies, not knowing who their parents were?  Not until later weretwo made aware who they actually were.  But what about the other two?  Are You one of them that remains lost, not knowing that Your Father is none other but He Who created You, The One Who wants to regenerate You and become Your Nourisher, Provider, and Sustainer; and Your Mother is The Kingdom that You belong to! Have You now realized Who is Your neighbor?
All of us have been created in His Image!
You are My Brother, You are My Sister,  I was one of those that was found !


God The Father sent His only begotten Son into our world, delivering the message to us, for our healing, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, that will save a man from an eternal walk in hell, and give to every man that believes, in the redemptive work of The Savior, an eternal home in the presence of Jesus Christ, The Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and The End.  The Father Loves You, Jesus Loves You, The Holy Spirit wants You to meet Him To Day, to have a personal relationship with Him.
Just say in your heart and let your heart speak:

Jesus, I believe that you are The Son of God who died for me!  I believe that you rose on the third day, and ascended to Your throne, I accept You as My Own Personal Savior!
I want You to be My Own Personal Lord and Master of my life!
Please forgive me now of all the evil I have committed, and teach me Your Ways.
Thank You LORD for saving me and giving me new life!

This can be The Beginning.......

The Salvation of The Lord is not only tomorrow's dream,
Salvation is Life To Day!

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