" Reflections of The Soul "

Many were the parts I was given I didn't use, they all had their place and necessary function, I regarded not each their own individual value, and then one day I also was no longer needed!
(from the account of the slothful)

You promised to others when your life was over, parts of your body so better lives they'd gain; but I must admit that I've worn out my parts, and the only thing I've left to offer is my brain!
(from on the lighter side)

I'll give you my life for yours in exchange,
there's no shame too great that I will not bear; no matter the struggle you find yourself in, have faith in My Promise, This race You will win!
(from The Promise)

He gave me a breath to express an idea,
too busy was I to hear His Sweet Voice;
He then breathed within me, it was then I heard, To Share with another IS to Love The Word!
(from the Love of a Son)

This is only The Beginning.......

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