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Many are not aware that the name that their parents had given them was more than just a name.  Once I inherited a new life, I became aware that my parents were only acting in behalf of a greater power.
There was a definite reason for the name I was to be addressed by all of my life here as I know it.  With this in mind, the wealth of wisdom was vastly expanded in my view.   I began to learn that the words I used so freely, had much deeper meanings.   This principle had been intended to cover a much wider scope than I could have ever imagined.  I was to come to realize that the original language was not in my native tongue, but was intended for me to understand in my own native tongue.  The words that were familiar to me would be used as training tools for me to understand the original language.
Let me now begin to explain:

The family name that I was to be known by would be the same English word that was used to describe the covering of the very first sin.  The common name that I was to be addressed by, was to reflect the truth and exactly what He is toward man.  He is gracious.  The private and middle name that was intended for those of the inner circle revealed my own shortcoming.  It revealed the fact that I was a deceiver.   Through the family name was explained the true meaning of all three.  The family name had not only one meaning, rather, it had six meanings all coming together to explain the whole.  The foreign tongue family name meant not only Leaf, but it also meant Book.   This inferring that without the leaf, there would be no book.  The book is composed of leaves, many leaves, that have their own story to tell but all make up the whole, just as He is the whole.  The time will come when we are judged by the very same book that reports of the events of each and every leaf.  Then it also means Page.  The page implieded that the message was to be taken to the world just as what has been done by He who wrote the first page and has written the last.  Of course their are many in the interim.  Then each and every Sheet, which is also another meaning, had importance, just as some were unchanged and some were renewed, changed or turned over.  Their are some that believe it is what is on the surface that is more important.  In other words, that which is visibly seen that needs to be changed.
But then, we come to the true deeper meaning of the word which is skin.  Here an understanding rings clear that the word implied the covenant that was extended to he who was guilty of the first sin.  Then finally comes the final meaning which finishes the meaning as it is the sixth part of the whole.  Just as each man is part of the whole.
Each of these points are part of the whole and without any one, the whole can not be properly defined.  The truth can not be explained by only one perspective.  The last meaning is paper.  Let me simply ask you, what kind of a paper are you?   Are you bringing in the good news or the bad?
Let us put them all together and see what we are being told.  The Leaf, The Book, The Page, The Sheet, The Skin, The Paper; God is gracious, Man is a deceiver, Sinfulness shall be covered then removed!
In other and more simple terms:  I came to realize that I was loved so much, that my own deceitfulness, sinfulness, my own shortcomings had been forgiven, when he extended to me a covenant beyond all covenants.
No longer was I the former dirty old man, now I am the righteousness of God in Christ because He loved me so much, He forgave me of my deceitful ways, and promised me that I would find my name written in the Lamb's Book of Life!
Remember that He is The First and Last Leaf, In His Own Book that He is The Author of, He is The first page and the last Page, as well ass it Him that is in every other Page; He is The Only One that can change our dirty old sheet with His new covering, that being of righteousness, while it is The Skin of His covenant with us that gives us such promises that our own skin will not be other than pure; and so He Alone is able to cause us and make us able to tell the good news to all!
I don't believe it is necessary for me to continue. 
There is such a wealth of knowledge in this principle.
With this in mind, I began to study His Word more vigorously to understand the true meaning in His Word.  That which He Himself intended for me to grasp.  If you only scratch the surface of the gold mind rather than digging deeper and deeper, that is what you will get.  What kind of riches are you searching for?

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