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did not come unannounced, neither did it leave no remembrance.  I was at work at one end of a 100 foot greenhouse when I heard a freight train in the distance.

That is no problem if you are in the vicinity of a train track.  The thing I realized was that there were no trains in my area.  That left only one possibility, Yes, A Twister!

I looked towards the other end of the green house and saw what the wind was doing.  At the other end of the green house, was another fifty foot greenhouse attached, and it was beginning to move.

Yes, we all act irrationally occasionally.  I immediately ran to the far end of that house and tried to hold the top down, as it was a low frame house.

Of course I intended to hold the end of that structure still in a wind over seventy miles an hour.  I stood there holding on as it moved a few feet.  In a matter of minutes, the wind stopped and it was completely calm.  I knew I was now in the eye of the storm and I had to make a quick decision.

Was I going to continue to stand there foolishly or do something wiser.  Then all of a sudden the wind started over again, even while I was yet holding the roof's center beam. In a matter of minutes it was all over and I was all right.  The green house had moved a few feet and the hanging baskets were intact except for a few.

Why do we act so foolishly when under pressure? Who knows? The big thing is, We can trust The Lord even in our own ignorance.  He even did what He did, even if we were ignorant before the fact, as well as, after the fact.

Do You know He cares for you just the way you are?  I know because I am living proof.  He loves me just the way I am! When this happened to me, I wasn't even a Christian yet. It wouldn't be until two years later that I would give my life to The Lord.

" anonymous "

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