" You Alone Can't  Bring Them to Jesus ! "

Do you stagger under a heavy load of expectation that you alone ( or that you primarily ) are responsible for bringing your friends and co-workers to the faith? Do you feel guilty because you can't get them converted? If so, you may be surprised to discover that not even Jesus felt that kind of load for the lost!

While explaining how people enter the kingdom, Jesus clearly declared that it is God The Father who draws them. That means that people's response to The Gospel does not depend primarily on you or on Jesus. Jesus taught that:

* " All that The Father gives Me will come to Me"
[ John 6:37 ] (KJV)

* " No one can come to Me unless it has been

granted to him by My Father."
[ John 6:65 ] (KJV)

* All that the Father gives me will come to me, and

whoever comes to me I will never drive away.
John 6:37 (NIV)

* He went on to say, "This is why I told you that no one

can come to me unless the Father has enabled him."
John 6:65 (NIV)

Very clearly, the responsibility for conversion ultimately belongs to The Father. Then is there anything we can do as Christ's followers to motivate others toward The Savior? Yes, we can give evidence of how God works in our lives as we grow. We can offer clear, truthful information about The Gospel as we have opportunity ( as God gives each and every opportunity to witness and testify of what He has done in our lives, bringing about a change ). We can invite and even urge others to believe.

But the ultimate responsibility for salvation is God's, not ours. So relax! Live The Faith, talk about it, and offer it to others. But let the dynamics of conversion be from God alone.

Remember, God has chosen and called you to be His witness of those things that you have seen and heard; so pick up your cross and follow Him! Through each and every obstacle that appears in your path with Him, He will provide you that necessary strength to over come the situation, as you have placed your trust in Him alone, that with each and every step, with each and every breath, with each and every word; His supply will be constant as He promised, for His Spirit will be at work in you to do of His good pleasure. So don't plan a strategy, just trust Him and continue to serve Him while you await His refreshing, and you will ride upon the Wind of The Spirit and find the simplicity of The Truth to be evident in your life.

" Let every thing that has breath, PRAISE THE LORD! "