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Should You come Face to face with The Truth,
Would You Believe ?
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Today is:  



Face to face

It's not for me to know
the simple reason why,
or even hope to understand
why I so often cry.

I know it is Your prayer
knowing, It is Your Desire;
that I should do my work
contently, and never tire.

Through the course of events
just the way I am taught
I've learned that I can trust
The Truth that I have sought.

You'll guide me in The Way
that I will understand,
that all has come to pass
that I might know and stand.

Having made all the steps
each in proper season,
with such pure distinction
I've discovered the true reason.

Having seen the vision
early in the morning,
with this new refreshing
I heard Your own warning.

Now open up your eyes
and tell me what you see,
only when you're Face to face
are you truly free!

In Retrospect:

The schedule of events
or list of definition
proves that Your Instruction
accompanies intuition
as accurate conclusions
arrive after the fact
prove that Your Instruction
precede every single act
knowing that Your Design
does purposely define
the Face to face outcome
must follow line on line.


19/01/2007 #743691-0208-103350




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