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  • Evangelical Baptist Church (An international English-language church); Geneva, Switzerland
  • Evangelische Fernbibliothek (Over 450 Links to Christian Organizations), Switzerland.
  • ICF Church (A growing and dynamic functional biblical community of believers of Jesus Christ. The worship services are held in English and in German.) - Zuerich, Switzerland
  • Joshua Generation (The first christian search engine in French. More than 300 links! THE reference for French speaking christians); Porrentruy, Jura, Switzerland
  • Kirchenbote, Evangelical-Reformed Church of Switzerland; Zürich, Switzerland
    (Kirchenbote is a bimonthly church e-zine with information and news about the church in Switzerland)
  • The New Apostolic Church International (With almost 160 years old, has aprox. ten million members in 150 countries and islands with over 100,000 active congregations.)
  • Westlake Church (English-speaking church on the shore of Lake Geneva, serving the international community between Geneva and Lausanne); Nyon, Switzerland


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Schweizerische Pfingstmission
Pentecostal Assemblies of Switzerland

Freie Christengemeinde

Internetportal von Schweizer Christen

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Ihr tägliches Wort, das Brot des Lebens, über E-mail,

The Swiss Search Engine

Evangelische Gemeinde International Schweiz

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JesusHouse Schweiz  ( Zurich )

Chrischona  Affoltern

Pfingstgemeinde   Affoltern


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