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" The Kingdom High Light "


who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge
of the glory of God
in the face of
Jesus Christ.
2 Corinthians 4:6  (KJV)

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" Moments In Time "   ~~~  " Living Word Planters "
Copyright 29/11/2004 / The Word of Life Ministry / All Rights Reserved
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bulletA Brand New Start
bulletA Claim
bulletAddression Hypocritical
bulletA Faithful Saint
bulletA Gram of Nectar
bulletA Grateful Heart
bulletA Grateful Heart
bulletA Heart Content
bulletA Lot For Sale
bulletAmazing Grace
bulletAn Axe To Grind
bulletA New Heart
bulletA Simple Note
bulletAn Empty Hole
bulletA Stone Throw
bulletAt The Center of My World
bulletAt The Center of The Aisle
bulletA Work of Art
bulletBefore Retirement
bulletBetween The Hill & Heart
bulletBe Up or Be Low
bulletBoth In One
bulletBoth Me & You
bulletBut One Alone
bulletCenter of His Will
bulletChanging of The Guard
bulletChristmas trees
bulletCome Near
bulletCome Unto Me
bulletCount Your Blessings
bulletCreate In Me
bulletDisregard The Cost
bulletDivine Control
bulletDo Not Enter Lightly
bulletDo Not Fear
bulletFace to face
bulletFollow Thou Me
bulletForty Too For You
bulletFountain of Life
bulletFull Circle
bulletFull Term
bulletGarden of My Soul
bulletGift of Skill
bulletGlory Touch
bulletGoal Post of Life
bulletGrip of Strength
bulletHaven of Rest
bulletHave You Ever Seen
bulletHeavenly Drums
bulletHeaven's Bells
bulletHeaven's Glow
bulletHeaven's Pond
bulletHe Has Erased
bulletHer Life Is In Your Eyes
bulletHerald Draws Nigh
bulletHigh Tower
bulletHis Garden of Intent
bulletHis Gift From Above
bulletHis Own Palm's Hollow
bulletHis Pearls of Blessings
bulletHis Work Will Not Affect Me
bulletI Am In Flight
bulletI Am So Encouraged
bulletI Challenge You
bulletI Do
bulletIf I Had Eyes
bulletIf I Were You
bulletIf Tomorrow Should Be
bulletI Heard Your Whisper
bulletI Knew You When
bulletI Know Not
bulletI'll Spend My Riches
bulletI Must Not Diminish
bulletIn America
bulletIn The Stretch
bulletI Need To Act
bulletIn The Gloom of Night
bulletIn Your Honor
bulletI O U
bulletIn The Moment
bulletI Promise
bulletI Remember When
bulletI Saw You
bulletI Shall Rejoice
bulletI Wonder
bulletIt Is Finished
bulletIt Won't Be Christmas
bulletIt's Not Too Late
bulletI Will Wake
bulletJust Ask Yourself
bulletKing of The Road
bulletLayers of Trust
bulletLeaf - Beautiful
bulletLet Your Light Shine
bulletLooking Out
bulletMake a Stand
bulletMake Mistakes
bulletMeet The Eye
bulletMemory of The Sound
bulletMerry Christmas Jesus
bulletMoments In Time
bulletMother's Love
bulletMt. Disappear
bulletMountain Top To Me
bulletMy Father Knows
bulletMy Heart Is On Display
bulletMy Life Light
bulletMy Oasis
bulletMy Peace
bulletMy Righteous Dress
bulletMy Special Shining Star
bulletMy Special Treasure
bulletMy Story
bulletNever Compromise
bulletNever Once
bulletNow and Forever
bulletNurture Life
bulletOh, But Can't You See
bulletOil of Gladness
bulletOne Thing I Know
bulletOne Who's True
bulletOnly You Can
bulletOther Side of Glass
bulletPatchwork Quilt
bulletPerfect Timing
bulletPool of Truth
bulletPrivate - Keep Out
bulletPrivilege Ascend
bulletPurchased With Blood
bulletPure Love
bulletRaging Sea
bulletReceive His Word
bulletReflection of Your Smile
bulletRevelation of an Isle
bulletRiver of Life
bulletRoll Call in Heaven *
bulletSands of Time
bulletSecret Hidden Chamber
bulletSeed of Strength
bulletShare To Day
bulletShould I
bulletShould I Call You Sir
bulletSo It Is
bulletSoliloquetical Hyperstance
bulletSon Filled Day
bulletStay The Course
bulletTaste Bud King
bulletThe Answer
bulletThe Book of Life
bulletThe Breakthrough
bulletThe Common Bond
bulletThe Day Given Me
bulletThe Day of Thunder
bulletThe Doctor's In
bulletThe Day I said
bulletThe Garden Story
bulletThree In One
bulletThe Bath
bulletThe Canvas of Your Heart
bulletThe Chosen One *
bulletThe Cross *
bulletThe Cross and You
bulletThe Day of True Fulfillment
bulletThe Diary
bulletThe Family Reunion
bulletThe Finishing Touches
bulletThe First Coming
bulletThe Golden Pool
bulletThe Gospel
bulletThe Gospel of Good News
bulletThe Living Word Planter
bulletThe Miraculous Birth
bulletThe Missing ink
bulletThe Naked Man
bulletThe Night of Thunder
bulletThe Other Be
bulletThe Queen
bulletThe Ring
bulletThe River of Flow
bulletThe Sadness
bulletThe Seat of Honor
bulletThe Second
bulletThe Second Coming
bulletThe Soldier's Cry
bulletThe Son Is Come
bulletThe Tree
bulletThe Victory Route
bulletThere is still Time
bulletTo Give
bulletTree's Beauty
bulletTree's Family
bulletThe Truth, The Life, The Way
bulletTo Be Within or Without
bulletTurn It Around
bulletTwo Minute Warning
bulletUndisclosed Mold
bulletU R
bulletWay Home
bulletWhat Happened on Calvary
bulletWhat's In Store
bulletWhite Water
bulletWhite Water 2
bulletWhisper of Your Wings
bulletWicked One's Snare
bulletWill Love Instill
bulletWisdom In The Sky
bulletWithin The Eye
bulletWithin Your Refreshing
bulletWithout a Fault
bulletWord of Love
bulletWriter's Block
bulletYou Are The Best
bulletYou Introduced Me
bulletYou Set Me Free
bulletYou Touched Me
bulletYour Raise of Hope
bulletYour Word Is My Gift

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I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart. therefore I know
my righteousness shall go before me; the glory of the LORD shall be my rereward.
Psalm 40:8; Isaiah 58:8

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