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Merry Christmas, JESUS !

The Very First Christmas Tree
appeared in Bethlehem's sky,
to reveal to All Peace on Earth
that not a single man should die.

The Very First Christmas Tree
appeared to man in a stable,
then to live The Perfect Life
that no other man would be able.

The Very First Christmas Tree
appeared as God's Gift to man,
to cause all men who he would meet
to know The Truth of His Own Plan.

The Very First Christmas Tree
appeared in The Holy Temple,
to teach, to lead, and to deliver
to give assurance to the simple.

The Very First Christmas Tree
appeared on the common man's street,
to have compassion for all he knew
had found The Truth to be sweet.

The Very First Christmas Tree
appeared in The Court so content,
to be The Perfect Instrument
of God's Purpose and Intent.

The Very First Christmas Tree
appeared as The Tree of Life,
to be cut down in a short time
by your and my own knife.

The Very First Christmas Tree
appeared as Calvary's Cross,
to in the end - deliver The Word
Jesus came to Redeem The Loss.

The Very First Christmas Tree
appeared in a borrowed tomb,
He rescued all as he opened the gates
and arose to be The Perfect Groom.

So The Very First Christmas Tree
should appear daily in your own walk,
that You might share with those You meet
and those with whom You talk.

Knowing The Very Last Christmas Tree
will appear when none shall disagree,
The First and Last - Beginning to End
was purposed to set men free.

Now The One and Only Christmas Tree
is deeply rooted in my heart,
and opened wide to every man
just as He purposed from the start!
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