Will You Offer Him An Excuse
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It then occurred to me why each worker had similarities. Even though each worker was not the same worker, they all were definitely different in their appearance, they all were the exact same worker. It was when I appeared before the last worker, at the last house, at the end of the street.   At that moment, I wanted to hide my face and bow before The Last Man.

Yes, you see here before you a picture, but I must admit to you, again, I can not recall what this man looked like.  I can't even tell you that any of the previous pictures bear any resemblance to the workers that I met. They are only purposed as visual aids to a better understanding.  This last worker somehow caused the awareness to come on me, and he never once even looked at me.


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Will You Offer Him An Excuse
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Just as this worker is holding the trowel and the brick, so was the last worker I met, doing the same. As I stood there before Him, I instantly knew what The Word of The Lord was for me.    I knew that I could offer no replys, I had no excuses, and there was nothing for me to say at that moment.  I knew that He knew that I knew exactly where I stood. I finally realized that each and every worker was the same man. Every worker was The Only worker that must work in our lives.  If any work is not done by this One Worker, than it is for nought.  If Jesus is not working through you, if Jesus is not building your house, then, rest assured, it is not a heavenly mansion. There is Only One that can build the house that is not made with men's hands.  There is Only One that constructs the temple of The Living God. Within an instant, I was wide awake but back on my pillow. I knew that I had just been privileged to see and hear exactly what He had purposed.

But what about the big bull dozer?

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