Will You Offer Him An Excuse
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Why did all the workers appear to have similarities?

What was The Purpose for the Bull Dozer?


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Will You Offer Him An Excuse
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We proceeded from house to house, and at each house, I was directed to enter the house and speak to the workman.   At each house, I distinctly recall the presence of my guide behind me as I talked to each worker.

I entered another house and the plumber met me, and the result was the same.  I noticed the artistry and tender care each worker maintained in what he was doing. Each worker was very serious about what he had to do. Worker after worker, the result was the same.
Worker after worker, I left each worker with the same awareness.
Worker after worker, I had the distinct feeling that there was a similarity between each worker.

Continually my attention was drawn to the hill, I kept noticing the big bull dozer on the hill.

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