Will You Offer Him An Excuse?
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One evening while I was sleeping, I recall being aroused out of my sleep as I was being made aware of the fact that I was having a dream.  I recall a voice talking with me, and telling me that He had been directed to have me to come with Him.  I can not describe this person that was talking to me as I have no remembrance of His appearance.

I do recall knowing that The Holy Spirit of God was my tour guide.  I do recall that I was being filled with an irresistible urge to go with Him.  At the moment I knew that I was having a dream, but I also knew that I was wide awake.   It was exactly like I was viewing a video tape of what was happening.

I recall that I began to follow Him, and in front of us was this construction site.   I could see many single family houses that were in different stages of construction.  At the same time I saw the houses, I knew that what I was seeing was not meant to alarm me.  What I was about to see was not intended as a review of things passed, nor, was it a warning about things to come.





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Will You Offer Him An Excuse?
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I knew that it was not a typical earthly construction site, rather, I had an awareness come over me that caused me to know that what I was seeing, was for me, a privilege to have the honor to see what I was about to see. I distinctly recall the firmness in His manner as I followed.  As we entered the site, I recall He directed me to go into the first house.
When I entered it, I was met by a framing carpenter.  All too quickly, even before I had the opportunity to get all my questions answered; I recall His prompting to again follow Him.  He had such purpose and authoritative control in his manner.
I recall that we went to the next house, and as we were walking
I again noticed the houses were all in different stages of construction.

As we walked from house to house, I could not seem to keep my eyes off of the big bull dozer on the hill.  All the while, I noticed the extreme urgency in the manner of my guide.

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