The Opportunity of a Life Time
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On my 18th birthday I was to report for active duty.  So in December of 1968 I reported to Fort Polk, La. It was at that time, and maybe still is, termed little Viet Nam.  I remained there for my eight weeks of basic training, and then moved on to Fort Gordon, Georgia.

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What I was not aware of, was the fact that such an important episode in my life would not remain secret.
Six weeks into basic training, The Army would inform me that I was no longer qualified to be a warrant officer, or helicopter pilot.  They found out about the fact I had been unconscious for five days.  To be a pilot, you can not at any time, have been unconscious for more than two hours.

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The Opportunity of a Life Time
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That washed me out of the program.   It hurt me deeply, because I had my heart set on going to Viet Nam for my country.   Now I had only two years to serve.  After Fort Gordon, I was assigned to several places in Germany.
The time would come for me to be released from the army after a two year period, and I still would not get a chance to serve in Viet Nam.

So, I re-enlisted for a school in Fort Belvoir, Virginia, and then was reassigned to The Pentagon.  Again I found myself stuck.  I would be assigned there for the next four years.  The possibility of Viet Nam was out.  So, as you can see, that day in 1978, changed my whole life.   But, finally, I figured out how to get to Viet Nam.  The office next door to where I worked, had working none other but a dear friend.  In two days I had my orders for Viet Nam.
This is where The Lord trained me as a soldier, a warrior.  Little did I know that later in life I would need the experience.  Now that I am an ambassador for Christ, now that I am in The Service of Our King, I understand the significance of allowing the path that He has designed for you, to not be altered.  We must not even complain if the path doesn't seem to be of the right design.  Any thing The Lord designs, is Perfect.
Much more can be gleaned from that day, but it all laps over into additional testimonies which have stories of their own.  I must say, what ever you do, do it for The Lord!
You will not be sorry!


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