The Opportunity of a Life Time
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The Opportunity of a Life Time
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Some people have been blessed with the opportunity to be aware of the times they have almost passed through death's door, but for some reason they were miraculously saved from what could have been a disastrous end.
Some have even been made aware that there are probably many times that they were not even aware of how close they were.
Three months prior to my eighteenth birthday, I was allowed to experience true Divine Salvation even though I had not given my life to the one that would come to my rescue.
What you are about to read and see has not been made up.  It is all true. Thirty years after it happened, I was to receive the pictures of the results.  I had no idea that pictures of the episode existed.  It is now five years later and I want you to share in the experience.
Please bear with me as I have only the pictures of the vehicle that I was driving at the time (the after affects).

The pictures are of the car I was driving at the time I met another in a head on crash.   I was hospitalized for five days, all of which I remained unconscious until the few moments before I was released.


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