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February 1860

The first by Mathew Brady
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He failed in business in 1831,
He was defested for State Legislature in 1832,
He tried another business in 1833 and it failed,
His fiancee died in 1835,
He had a nervous breakdown in 1835,
In 1843 he ran for Congress and was defeated,
He tried again in 1848 and was defeated again,
He tried running for Senate in 1855 and lost,
In 1856 he ran for Vice President and lost,
In 1859 he ran for Senate again
and was defeated,
In 1860, the man who signed his name
A. Lincoln
was elected as
the 16th President of The United States.

The difference between history's
boldest accomplishments,
and it's most staggering failures
is often simply the diligent will to persevere.

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