The Opportunity of a Life Time
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The car was a two door 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air
the one pictured below.
No picture was made of the car before the accident.

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The on coming car collided with this car at the door post.  It removed everything from the driver door to the rear passenger corner.  Just a split second difference could have had a deadly outcome.  Both my girlfriend and I  were thrown out of the driver door.   She was treated and released but I was to remain in the hospital for five days.

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The Opportunity of a Life Time
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The interesting part was, that my parents were on vacation in Switzerland, to our ancestors home land, and were due back on the fifth day.  On that morning of the fifth day, I was to regain consciousness and within hours I was home, even before they had returned.  They would find out about it later.
Afterwards, it is plain to see the Divine intervention!
Earlier, in May of that year, I had enlisted in the Army under the delayed enlistment program.  I was planning on becoming a Warrant Officer.  I would be flying the helicopters in Viet Nam.  Of course, I was young and foolish, but that didn't prevent me from wanting to be loyal to my country.

On that evening, I was on my first date with the young lady.  As you can imagine, I was trying to be on my best behavior.   It didn't help that her parents didn't even want me to leave their house with her.   It was not that I couldn't be trusted.  We were just young children that didn't know as much as we should have.

At the close of an enjoyable evening, was when two young lives would be changed for ever.  I can not speak for the young lady, but my life was changed in an instant.
I would not realize how important the events of that week would be until much later.


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